Microsoft NT 4.0 WINS reference

Values of the 16th byte

The 16th byte in the WINS name (which you see in [brackets] when you view the WINS database in WINS manager) is used to denote special services.
Here are the values I know about. You will see the values in the format [1Bh] in the db.
Some of these values may be wrong. I have had to glean them from various sources, and guess at the meanings a bit. Please send me your corrections or comments.
Value Interpretation
1D master browser
1B PDC ("netlogon service")
1C all domain controllers (limit is 25 such entries)
1E all browsers and potential browsers
20 server service on WINS client
21 RAS client
06 RAS server
03 usernames (for "net send") ("messenger service")
87 Exchange MTA
00 workstation name
6A Exchange ???
BF Microsoft NETMON application
Normally, an active PC has three entries with the PC name and IP address: [00h], [03h], and [20h]. If the logged in user has a different name than the PC, there will be a fourth entry with the username and [03h].

Other notes

The WINS name __MSBROWSE__ points to the master browser. It is used for intradomain browsing.

Event 4102 means that push/pull is not properly configured.

by Steve Runyon